Saturday, January 31, 2015

Katrina's room

That's not actually a before and after picture. It's more of a halfway finished and after picture. I always forget the before pictures! 

Today Katrina used her "Mom will clean your room for you" coupon. Her room was literally covered in a layer of mess about a foot deep - clothes, books, toys, random stuff that just migrates to her floor, apparently. Part of the problem, to be fair, is that we don't have any good place in our house to keep toys and random kid stuff, so everything has to be in their rooms, and part of the problem is that her room is pretty small. BUT. Oh. My. Gosh. The girl seriously needs to learn to put stuff away after she uses it!!! 

I'd be a lot more annoyed (and i'm pretty annoyed, to be honest) with her room being SUCH a mess if i didn't know room was not quite as messy when i was a kid, but it wasn't a lot less messy, either.

So i started cleaning her room as soon as i woke up, and i took breaks only to eat meals and to go work out with Beth, and i only just finished cleaning at 10:00. By the time i was mostly finished, Katrina was in full-on helpful mode, asking what she could do to help me and cheerfully doing whatever i asked. She is SO happy and thankful, and it does provide a sense of satisfaction at a job well-done. 

But i am so tired.

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