Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lots of randomness Wednesday

Juanito was mending some holes in jeans tonight, and he left the pin cushion on the table. Emma found it and gleefully played with it while i was in the shower, cheerfully spreading pins and needles all over the carpet and who knows where else. And THEN, when i was crawling around trying to find the pins, she was all, "Oh, YAY! Are we playing? FUN!" NOT HELPFUL, EMMA! Hopefully we found them all. I'd rather not have anyone getting pins stuck in their feet. Y'know. If i had my druthers. 

So lately, Zane is not a fan of kissing. When anyone hugs him, he is sure to either declare, "NO KISSING!" right away or just hug while simultaneously holding his head as far away from the hugger as possible. I'm mean, so i still try to kiss him (i declare it my right as his mom), though i sometimes ask permission first. Tonight, he came to give me a hug, and i asked if i could kiss the top of his head. He refused, but then changed his mind and allowed it. As soon as i kissed his head, he was all, "Not that hard!" (it was a very normal kiss), so i kissed him again, and he squealed, "OR THAT WET!" 

Houston went to school in his "I'm too tired to even breathe and you should feel sorry for me and let me sleep" mood, and i was slightly worried for him, but he came home exceptionally chipper and not at all sleepy, because - according to him - the speech went "Really, really well! I memorized it and everything!" So! Success! Probably?

In Zumba tonight, the girl who was in front of me was extremely clueless about her personal space, apparently. She kept backing up farther and farther, and *I* couldn't back up, because there was someone right behind me, so eventually i was very nearly hitting her on any moves that had our hands out in front of us. I'd have been annoyed, except that she was really young and clueless and i mostly just had to shake my head.

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