Monday, January 26, 2015


Zane's class had a field trip to IMAX today. It's my favorite field trip to go on. Minimal supervision + getting to watch a cool movie = awesomeness! This year's movie was about scientists going to Galapagos to follow up on Darwin's evolutionary theory. The coolest part was when they went searching for new species in the deep ocean. Zane turned to me as soon as the movie was over and said, "THAT'S the kind of scientist i want to be!"

(On a side note: I swear that every time i go on a field trip with Zane, no matter the year, i end up with the most difficult kid in the class. Today, one of the boys in our group was bratty enough that i actually told on him to the teacher. He made mean comments to every other person in our group, and i told him that he needed to quit, at which point he was all, "Make me!" Brat! It makes me seriously hope that my kids never act like that with other adults.)

So. Houston started throwing up early this morning. At first, i thought, "Oh, it's probably just exhaustion combined with Houston's sensitive stomach. Hopefully." Except then he threw up two more times, and now i'm just dreading it spreading through our family. I've been walking around with Lysol wipes, wiping off all of the surfaces i can find, and i've been encouraging the kids to wash their hands repeatedly, and ... i'm afraid it's still hopeless. Sigh.

This afternoon, he told me, with his pathetic little self, "I think i probably got it at winter camp." Yep. I really should have seen it coming.

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