Sunday, January 4, 2015

Boat wars

A couple of weeks ago, Houston got this really geeky idea to get his friends together to make boats and have a contest to see whose could hold the most weight without tipping over. He emailed his 3 best friends furiously with all the rules and the plans and the times and whatnot, and today the two more reliable friends showed up. 

They used marbles as weights, and Houston's did awesome until the little circle ran out of room. The friend who just used a pie pan with a bit of tin foil totally won. They they all got a chance to do one modification, and Houston added a bowl so it had more space, and his sank spectacularly nearly immediately. The pie pan still won. (On a side note, i'm going to be finding marbles everywhere for days.)

It was Houston's first effort at organizing something, and he did SUCH a great job. Everyone was excited - even Zane and Katrina and Katrina's friend who happened to have spent the night. The bathroom was packed full of people wanting to see whose boat could hold the most. And when that was finished, there was Apples to Apples to play, and lots and lots of laughter. Yay!

In other news: Emma had her first vet appointment today, and the vet totally agrees that she is right around a year old, not the 2 years that the Humane Society told us she was. We keep saying, "She's totally just barely out of puppyhood," and the vet agrees. Vindicated!

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  1. Fantastic job on the boat party, Houston! We will have to use you as a party/event planner in our family.