Friday, January 2, 2015


This year's Christmas vacation has been less "relaxing" and more "busy and fun and really full of people and places and plans." We spent Christmas day with my family and then drove down the next morning to Kentucky to visit Juanito's family, got back late on the 30th, and then had friends over for New Year's eve. 

By the afternoon of the first, everyone had gone home and we were alone, and we did NOTHING ELSE the entire day. Juanito got home from work and joined us in our efforts to do nothing whatsoever. The kids mostly played on the computers and i mostly read and it was lovely. It was such a much-needed day to just re-charge and let our brains rest a little bit.

Today, Zane's best friend (who was in his class until this year, when he started being home-schooled, and is SORELY missed) came over to play for a few hours. They ran around in the woods and sat up in the tree house and played all kinds of random boy things and had a fabulous time.

Also today, Katrina's friend (who was in her class until this year, when she moved an hour away) came for a sleepover. We played Catch Phrase (along with Houston) and the kids all played Apples to Apples and we made pizza and watched a movie and they've been playing all kinds of random girl things and have been having a wonderful time.

I took Emma (the dog) to the dog park this afternoon. She was a stray, so we don't know her story or even how old she is. But she's great at playing with other dogs, big or small. She loves the dog park for the dogs who run with her and the dogs who play a little bit rough with her and the people who all fawn over how cute she is. She loves most dogs, but isn't a fan of packs of dogs. Today, there were a lot of dogs there. At one point, a pack got too rough with her, and she got totally spooked and ended up glued to my leg for the next 10 minutes. When she finally ventured to play again - with two specific and very gentle dogs - she never went farther than about 5 feet from me. And then another group of dogs, all puppies with high energy, came running over and scared her AGAIN, she let out a cry and looked like the saddest, most terrified puppy ever. It was the first time i've ever had her WANT to leave. Poor little doggie. 

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