Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day of lots and lots of rest

My day was kind of spent trying not to fall asleep. I woke up late, and we rushed to church. We came back, and i almost fell asleep on the floor. I read Harry Potter to Katrina in my room and then nearly fell asleep when the chapter was finished. I watched Star Wars with Zane (who kept asking questions like, "Who is Yoda again?" and "Who is Han Solo?") and totally slept through almost the entire thing, waking up for a line or two and then falling back asleep. It was ridiculous.

I DID manage to go to the dog park with Katrina and Emma - mostly for Emma's sake, not Katrina's. Katrina just came along to provide me with some company, sweet girl. And i managed to read a section of "Julie of the Wolves" to all the kids and two chapters of Harry Potter to Katrina. Not a lot of accomplishment for an entire day, but i'm going to claim "Day of rest" as my defense.

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