Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Unbearably sad

Late last night, Houston came downstairs and told me, "I was just lying in bed, and all of a sudden my side right here started to hurt and i felt unbearably sad." I snuggled him and googled "pain in lower left abdomen" and gave him an ibuprofen and sent him to bed. This morning, the sharp pain was gone, but he was exhausted from not sleeping and still didn't feel great, and begged to stay home, crying, "Nobody will like me because i'm so sad! And if i have any tests, i'll fail them because i'm so tired!" I let him stay home. I'm a pushover for "unbearably sad," apparently. (That and sharp pains in the abdomen....)

Tonight, Beth and i went to see "The Theory of Everything," cried all the way through, and then just sat there staring hopelessly at the screen when the movie ended. It was so, so, so depressing! (Unbearably sad, even!) I mean, it's about Stephen Hawking, so i did expect it to be a comedy, but it was so much more depressing than i'd expected. We both agreed that we were too devastated by the movie to just go straight home, so we went to the Olive Garden and talked about happier things for a couple of hours instead.

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