Friday, July 21, 2017

Houston and his loot

A couple of months ago, Houston decided that he desperately wanted to get a "Loot Crate," which is a ... crate full of loot. I don't fully understand it, but i *think* that you can choose a theme, like "Star Trek" or "Lord of the Rings" or something equally geeky. Houston, of course, chose Harry Potter. And so he ordered it and then waited and waited, eagerly watching the mailman every single day for about three weeks before finally calling them and asking why it wasn't coming. And they were all, "Oh. Oops."

And so they promised him, "Okay, so...we'll send one in two months when we have another Harry Potter one, okay?" And so he waited another two months, completely impatiently, and then started stalking the mailman again, and yesterday his Loot Crate finally arrived, and he was ecstatic! And yet, sweetheart that he is, he totally waited for me to get home from work so that i could watch him open it.

So he got that shirt, pictured up there. And a leather-bound journal. And a wand pen. And bookends. And...i think a weird brooch. And lo, he is thrilled.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Braces prep

Katrina is going to start the braces-getting process next week (we don't know yet what the actual plan is, if she's going to first get a device and then braces or just start on the braces right away), but in preparation, she first needed to go get X-rays and molds and impressions and stuff. We happened to be there when nobody else had appointments (benefit of going early during the summer!), so i got to go back with her. Usually parents aren't allowed in the back, partly because there's not enough room, but mostly because of HIPAA. My favorite part was the X-rays. She got one panoramic of her head from ear to ear, and one of her head in profile. The panoramic one just looked fairly creepy, but the profile one was awesome! It was her perfect little skull, with just a ghost of her actual face over it, and it was absolutely fascinating. I would love to have had more time to look at it!

Katrina and Houston (who is also getting proper braces next week) are both clamoring to eat all of their favorite things that they're not going to be able to eat once they have braces. Bagels! Caramel! Mike 'n Ikes! Popcorn! Katrina is all, "Can we get like...3 King-sized Twix bars? Because they're my favorite, but they caramel so i won't be able to eat them!!!" And Houston is all, "We need to get Asiago bagels at least ONCE before next week!" Poor almost-going-to-be-deprived kids.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Work stuff

I'm not sure exactly how hot it got today, but i think it must have been above 90, and the humidity was super high, which meant that it was just straight up hot out today. Which...mid-July. Of course it's hot. But it's important to know that it was hot because otherwise this will not matter as much:

Sometimes when i'm running around shelving books, it's just warm enough in the library that i use whatever book is in my hand to fan myself before putting it where it belongs. I'm all: fan, fan, fan, shelve. New book. Fan, fan, fan, shelve. Etc. Our library is old and big and difficult to keep cool, so, y'know it gets warm, is what i'm saying. But today, as i was walking by one of the vents, i noticed that it was suddenly blowing warm air. Not just not-cool, WARM. I walked into the lobby to let the librarian know, assuming that vent was broken, and steam was pouring out of the big vent in the lobby. The front doors were steamed up the way the mirror is when you get out of a hot shower.

Turns out! The maintenance guys were there trying to fix there air conditioners, but for some reason they decided that they needed to turn on the boiler and run the heat for a few minutes to fix something. So! The entire library was sweltering in moments. It was insane. After 5-10 minutes, the librarian was all, "Yeah. You should just go and sit in the back and try to cool down a little, because you're really flushed. Just...take an extra break!" And eventually they fixed the air, and an hour or so later it finally started cooling down, and ... that's the end of the story. Huh. It sounded more interesting in my head.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Adventure Monday

We had a much shorter and less crazy Adventure Monday this week. We stayed in town and just kind of took our time and meandered a bit.

We started at the Eastown library, which is a KDL library rather a GRPL one, so the kids all filled out and turned in the summer reading stuff there. The KDL libraries totally have better prizes than do the Grand Rapids ones. They got envelopes of stuff like "Go to Skyzone for half a hour for free!" and "Free Frosty at Wendy's!" and "Free Pizza Hut pan pizza!" And then the librarian was all, "Okay, and you can come over here and pick out a book, and Zane was all, "TO KEEP?!?!?!" which totally made me giggle, because we were in a library. Just getting to borrow a book wouldn't be a very good prize. They all crowded around the cart of books, and Houston immediately spotted "Fablehaven" and grabbed it, at which Katrina was all, "WHAT?! I want that book!!!" but there were, sadly, no more copies. She got "City of Embers" instead, and Zane got "Hatchet." So they all walked away happy.

From there, we just walked all around Eastown, enjoying the lovely day and the pretty lake and everything.

And then we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch, which was probably the most exciting thing we've done yet, according to Houston. They were all seriously thrilled. And lo, it was delicious.

And that was about it.

And then tonight, Beth came over and we watched the next 3 episodes of Doctor Who, so we are now approximately halfway through the season that just ended. Yay!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Katrina got a free frozen yogurt for reading enough hours, and she's been begging me to go with her ever since. And so this afternoon the two of us went on a date for frozen yogurt and shopping for her friend's birthday present. (Nothing like last minute shopping! We got the present and headed straight to the party. And Katrina chose a feather boa instead of tissue paper to put into the gift bag, and it was so absolutely perfect.) And then she was gone basically all day. It was a pool party, so she loved it, but they were swimming for 5 hours, so she was EXHAUSTED by bedtime!

Meanwhile, the boys and i just kind of hung out for the afternoon. Houston made dinner (macaroni and cheese, because Katrina doesn't like it), which is one of the reasons that having big kids really is sometimes the absolute best.

Tonight, i taught the kids how to make "zentangles," which is just basically a fancy way of doodling, and Katrina and Houston immediately jumped in, while Zane had a mini-breakdown because it wasn't turning out the way he wanted, until he started over and got a ruler so that he could make straight lines, and then he happily drew as well. And while they all drew, i read them a chapter and a half of Harry Potter. Yay!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lost tooth!

Zane has been trying to lose that tooth for months, and tonight, long after he should actually have been asleep, it finally came out and he came running down to show me. The tooth is now sitting under a glass on the table, waiting for the tooth fairy to come. (That's how we did it when we were little. Katrina and Houston both wrote the tooth fairy notes, which she answered when she left money, and as a result, Zane's tooth fairy is much more prompt than the other kids'. Throwing some money under a glass takes three seconds. Sitting down to answer questions in carefully wiggly handwriting takes a lot more effort.)

Juanito left for Seattle tonight. He'll only be gone a couple of nights, but he'll hopefully have tons of fun. A whole bunch of friends from Peru are having a reunion, and one of his friends works for the airline and was all, "Well. If you can get to Chicago, then i can get you to Seattle...." I was like, "I mean! You HAVE to go!" So he'll be doing...stuff.... And hopefully taking pictures. And should come back exhausted but hopefully happy.

Friday, July 14, 2017

My job, sometimes

Things that happened at the library today:

1. I unintentionally befriended a lady who comes in every single day, sometimes more than once a day, and now she will not stop talking to me. Today she talked and talked and talked about her children and her grandchildren and her hair and how she's totally an introvert, and all the while, i was trying to put books on shelves, so i'd go down an aisle to shelve something, and she'd keep talking, so i either had to stop and go back out so that i could hear her and not be rude, or i could just be rude and ignore her. And THIS is why i generally don't say much to patrons beyond, "Hi!"

2. The YMCA brought a giant group of little kids into the library for 30-45 minutes, and they were not overly loud or obnoxious or anything, so that was lovely, but i figured that there was really no point in my shelving anything in there until they left, because i'd just have to go back through and clean it all up again anyhow. And OH MY GOSH, i totally had to clean up after them. They managed to make a ridiculous disaster of the shelves - books put in backwards and lying in piles and just tossed about.

So as i was straightening that up, this small girl child (maybe 2-3 years old) was there with her sister and her mother, and she had the absolutely most piercing scream i think i've ever heard. And she made use of it repeatedly. Even the teen who comes almost every day for the entire day and sits in the corner looking at the internet, oblivious to every single thing around him, even when it's crazy, totally looked up when she screamed. And that's saying something.

3. But the most notable thing from today was totally the possibly used condom that i found tucked away in the middle of a Pokemon graphic novel in the kids' area. I was putting the books all back onto the shelves in order, and the very top (open) end was just barely peeking out of the top, except it was green so i didn't know what it was, so i started pulling it out before i realized what it was. I mostly calmly brought it to the front desk to ask the librarian what we should do with THAT situation, and she was all, "Well. THAT'S a new one." And then i washed my hands obsessively for the next hour. (Or maybe less. But seriously...EW.) (Incidentally, we all agreed that THAT book was going to have to be taken out of circulation, because there was no cleaning that was going to be good enough. Ever.) (Except that SHE got to wear gloves as she handled the book.)

So all in all, working in the library is sometimes a lot weirder than i'd expected.