Saturday, October 14, 2017

Books and stuff

Yesterday was our first pizza movie night in weeks, and we watched "Wonder Woman." As we watched it, Zane kept exclaiming, "She is AWESOME!" So yeah, everyone enjoyed it.

When i was at work yesterday, i noticed that "The Dangerous Book for Boys" was categorized in the same area as books like "Ripley's Believe it or Not" and "Weird But True," which makes lots of sense, because it IS full of facts and randomness. And then there's "The Daring Book for Girls," which is almost exactly the same, but THOSE are categorized in the same area as the "How to do your hair to look pretty" section. And that annoys me, because sexism! There's absolutely no logical reason for those two books NOT to be filed right next to each other.

So anyhow, i wrote the shorter version of that on Twitter, and included my library into conversation, expecting nothing. And they DIDN'T reply at all. But! This morning, "The Daring Book for Girls" was on the list of books that i had to pull off the shelves to send to other libraries, and it was being sent to the main library. So there's a chance that they're going to change it. And if they did, that would be awesome!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


I've been reading "Marley & Me" to the kids for the past few weeks, and they've all been laughing and loving it. We're now at the end of the book, and the dog is getting older and sicker and i felt the need to prepare the kids for the eventual sad ending.

Me: "So...this IS a true story, and Marley IS getting older, and the book is almost over, so...."
Houston: "WAIT. This is a true story?!?!?"
Katrina, Zane, and me: "Wha.......???? You didn't know that?!"
Houston: "No! In fact, there were several parts where i thought, 'Well, that's kind of far-fetched.'"

I'm completely amused that we made it through basically the entire book, and he never realized that it's nonfiction. Especially because it seems so completely obvious to the rest of us.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Houston's school had parent-teacher conferences today. They set it up so that all of the teachers are in a giant U in the gym, and you just wander around and find the teachers that you want to talk to. We talked to all of Houston's teachers except two - they were both "unable to attend," which was a bummer, because those are the two i most would have wanted to talk to. One was his multi-media teacher, who i met at the beginning of the year, and i wanted Juanito to meet him, because he is daunting. He's the most physically intimidating person i've ever met. Also, it would have been fun to hear what he thinks of Houston, because his class is making a video wherein they have to explain how to do something very simple, and Houston's video is "How not to not be not dangerous." Because he can't just do something simple. (He is SO Juanito's son.)

The other teacher i wanted to meet was his history teacher, because he's the only teacher i haven't met yet. At the beginning of the year, when we had the whole "Meet the teachers!" night, Houston's history teacher was missing, and we found out the next day that he had quit. And then Houston had a substitute for a couple of weeks, and now he's got an actual teacher. So. It would be nice to meet him.

We did get to meet his other teachers, though, and, unlike last year when just about every teacher informed us of all of the assignments Houston was missing, this year they all had nothing but nice things to say about him. Almost everyone greeted us with, "Aw, Houston!" and then some version of "He's so great." So we probably didn't NEED to go to the conferences, but it's always nice to hear that people like your kid.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


For the past couple of days, Katrina has been getting more and more unhappy as this afternoon got closer and closer. She did not want braces. She did not need braces. Why was i making her get braces???

She has a friend who got braces recently and has been telling her how much pain she will be in for a few day, and that, combined with her experience with the expander, had her convinced that she was going to be in the worst pain in the world. Houston's reassurances that "It really doesn't hurt very much. Just a little bit for a couple of days," did nothing to calm her down. Nor did my reassurances that the expander probably hurt much more than the actual braces would.

I was a meanie and made her get braces anyhow. Afterwards, she gave me dirty looks on the way to the car. I asked her, "Are you mad at me?" and she humphed, "Yes."

So i bribed her back into liking me by stopping at Steak 'n Shake on the way home for shakes, and within minutes i was back in her good graces. One awesome thing about Katrina: She doesn't hold a grudge.

Anyhow. Katrina got pink rubber bands on her braces. Houston got blue again. They both look adorable. And her braces have only barely bothered her. So. I'll take it as a win.

Monday, October 9, 2017

And i'm back

I can explain my entire 3-week absence in one word: ArtPrize. From the time it started until the last day (yesterday), i was at ArtPrize for anywhere from around an hour to 8 hours. To be fair, the 8 hour day was a one-off, the Monday that Beth took off and we were downtown forever. Most days we were downtown 2-4 hours. Juanito, Beth, and i went every chance we could. Katrina came with us most of the time. The boys came sometimes, but Houston had a homework and Zane isn't as interested, so it was usually the 4 of us. And it was awesome. And Beth and i both saw everything. And i am exhausted and a little bit happy that it's over. I'm ready to get back to routine and having evenings at home and actually having time to eat actual food.

And, for posterity, here are the pictures of some of my favorite things from this year's ArtPrize:
My Favorites!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Fear Not.

Juanito is going to be in ArtPrize again this year, and today he went to hang his piece up downtown. Yay!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday pre-ArtPrize tradition

For years now, it's been our tradition to walk around on the Sunday before ArtPrize starts to see the stuff that people have set up early. This year, none of the kids felt like going, so just Beth, Juanito, and i went. People may say that we're crazy for going before it's even started yet, but there are some very distinct advantages:

1 - We go to the big venues, and those are the places that, once it's Wednesday, will be packed or at least fairly busy pretty much all of the time. So this way we get to see stuff close up, without fighting through crowds, and we get to look for as long as we want without feeling guilty for taking too long.

2 - There are sometimes interactive exhibits, and we get to actually interact with them! This year, there are a couple of rocking chairs made from giant rocks, and we all totally got to sit in them, take our pictures with them, and have fun. Henceforth, there will be lines to try them out.

3 - Pictures! We can take pictures without having to wait until just the right second, when there's nobody walking in front of you.

So. Yep. We're dorks. But it's worth it.