Saturday, May 19, 2018

Zane! SOTM!

Yesterday Zane got the Student of the Month award for the moral focus virtue of compassion for the month of April. Each month of the school year has a different moral focus (perseverance, honesty, etc.). The teachers choose one student from each homeroom (there are 3 per grade) to receive the award. One of Zane's best friends, Finn, got the award for a different homeroom, and Zane says that the girl who got the third award is ALSO one of his friends. So they're a compassionate bunch! That makes me happy!

Also yesterday, we finally watched Psych the movie after months and months and months of working our way through the series. Beth made cute cupcakes and cake balls that look like Pluto and brought cute napkins and other adorableness. Everything was very pineapple-y in honor of Psych. Fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Painting and whatnot

The past few days have been filled with painting and organizing and painting and cleaning and generally trying to get the bathroom clean (along with all of the surrounding areas where the bathroom stuff had been during the painting) (and all of the other rooms that fell into complete disarray while i was busy concentrating on the bathroom), and it is now as finished as it can be until Juanito builds a shelf. So! Yay!

Today Juanito set the middle of our backyard on fire so that he could burn piles and piles of junk wood that he somehow accumulates in our yard. And he mowed the lawn! Our house/yard is starting to look almost presentable again!

Yesterday Zane came home from school sick, and i was worried that the rest of us would just start dropping like flies as well, but so far the rest of us are healthy, so.... Fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mothers and Painting

Yesterday was Mother's Day. We went over to my sister Jackie's house for lunch, along with my parents and my sister Chellie and all of our kids. It was really, really fun. I love coming from a large family, but sometimes, when we have just a smaller portion of the family there, it's really great to be able to all have one conversation together (rather than several conversations going on at once because there are so many of us there that we can't possibly all stay on one topic). We laughed a lot.

Today is a Monday - my day off. And so today i conquered the bathroom.

We re-did it when we moved in - it originally had some kind of horrible vinyl-ish wainscoting on the bottom half, and under that was just ....nothing? Whatever it was, we had to drywall the bottom half of all of the walls. And we painted it yellow, and i loved it. But that was 19 years ago, and i am very ready for a change!

So i emptied the bathroom and washed all of the walls and Juanito and i went shopping and got paint and paint-related stuff, and Katrina and i painted the bathroom. (When they heard that we were going to be painting, both boys disappeared - Houston to do "homework," which is at least a reasonable excuse. Zane just flitted away without a word.) Katrina saw the project happening and immediately and happily threw herself into it with me, doing about half of the work. The two of us painted and painted. At one point Zane came over to ask if he could help, and i was all, "SURE! But you need to change into different clothes first." He declined.

So now the paint is drying, and then we can paint the trim (it was getting late and we decided to wait until tomorrow), and hopefully it'll look cute! Yay! Katrina and i both agreed that we love remodeling, but we don't love painting. So the worst of it is behind us!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tulip time and Rela

In our church's youth group, all of the kids are divided up into small groups (life groups), and once every month or two, there's a "Rela" day (Rela=relationship building). For the Rela, each group is in charge of coming up with their own activity, which they can then do whenever they choose. (The best part of this is that we can plan it so that we get our Sunday night free!) SO. This week is a Rela week. 

Yesterday Katrina's group went to Craig's Cruisers to play laser tag and do go-carts. (Afterwards, i asked Katrina how she liked laser tag, and she was all, "Well...i don't want to be rude or make anyone else feel bad. But i really didn't like it. It was super stressful." Happily there were the go-carts and also ice cream, so she had fun.)

Today, Beth and i took our girls to the park with the boardwalk and then to Dairy Queen for blizzards. Beforehand, i was all, "I mean...we probably won't walk the whole loop, because it's pretty long and some of our girls are not big on exercise." And then we got there, and the girls all practically sprinted the entire way. So they had fun! Which is good! And there were blizzards!

I worked until 2 today, so we had our Rela in the afternoon, finishing at 5, and then we planned to go to Holland for Tulip Time because it's been a couple of years at least since we all went, and the tulips are quite beautiful. So we got to Holland at about 6:00, parked, and started walking down the main street. And the tulips were gorgeous! And it was chilly but not freezing. And everyone was enjoying themselves. And then we got to the park with lots of tulips, and just as we entered it started drizzling. There were crowds of people, and they all sprinted for cover. We were all, "Haha! Look at all of the people being all wimpy! We can totally walk around in this drizzle!" And then it started raining a bit harder, and we were all, "No no it's okay. We can totally handle this!" And then it started pouring. Pouring. And, because i'm an idiot, i was all, "Okay. So. We can either stay here or walk over to the giant tulip field that is supposed to be amazing or just head back to the car." (Eye roll.) 

We headed back to the car. Before we even left the park, we were all halfway soaked. By the time we got to the car, we were all utterly drenched. Like, through-the-winter-coat-and-sweatshirt-and-long-sleeved-shirt wet. And cold. 

So. Fun? Sort of. Memorable? Definitely.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Band concert for Zane!

The 6th grade concert was tonight. Zane was super excited about it and was really happy that we could all come to see him. He's so cute when he's playing, because he is obviously really happy about it and gleeful that he gets to be playing! With us watching him! Because he's special! And the band was...fine. I mean, it's 6th graders, and they're not great, but they're also not terrible, and that's saying something. It was fun to watch - i always love watching random kids to see who's totally just fake playing and who's super annoyed to be there and what styles they're wearing and .... So it was fun.

On an unrelated note: A story about how i'm a dork.

So this morning when i got to work, the guy who delivers our books was standing next to the library van, looking intently into the mirror. I jokingly said, "You look very nice." Because he was studying himself in the mirror. Except that as i then walked past him, i realized that he was actually talking on the phone. And also the mirror? Was totally broken and there was no glass in it. So i just randomly told a guy i only vaguely know that he looked very nice. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


A few years ago, the city closed the boardwalk at a park nearby. To be fair, it was sort of falling apart and was probably unsafe, but it had been a favorite place of ours for years, so we were all very sad. But it is now in the process of being rebuilt and part of it is open, so today Katrina, Zane, and i went to see it.

It's going to be awesome when it's finished, but it's weird to see it right now, because everything has been cut back or cut down so that they're able to do the building. There were areas where there were loads of trees that had been chopped down. Also, it seems less...marshy than it used to. I don't know if it's just not the right time of year for the swampiness to be in full swing or if they somehow made it less marshy, or if i'm just remembering it wrong, but it seemed like there was more dry land. So that's weird. And yet! It was really pretty and we took way longer to walk it that we really needed to because we kept stopping to see if there were frogs or turtles or other life in the puddles, or to look at the footprints to figure out if they'd been made by a dog or a raccoon or a deer or what. At one point, three deer were grazing in a field near us, utterly unconcerned by our proximity, so we had to stand still and watch them for several minutes.

It helped that it was a perfect, amazing, beautiful day today. The sun was shining and it was in the high seventies, and i would be completely content if the weather stayed exactly like this for another month.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Gorgeous Monday

It was a gorgeous spring day today. Katrina and Zane had early release from school this afternoon, so we even got to enjoy being outside in it. Zane LOVES riding his bike, so he was in his element.

For the past few months, I've been reading Fablehaven with the kids. We're just about to finish book 4 (of 5), and i love how much they all still love reading together. I had expected them to be "too old" for it by now, and if they were like, "Meh," then i'd quit and that would be fine, but all three of them still totally get into the books i read to them, and even though they're desperate to find out what happens, none of them read ahead. (I would totally read ahead if it were me.)