Thursday, January 8, 2015

I didn't let them flush ice cubes down the toilet, though. Because i'm mean.

Juanito decided to do dinner "Mongolian Barbecue style." All of the options laid out, one cook (him), two giant pans, lots of bowl. We put what we want into the bowl, hand it off to him with directions like, "Spicy!" or "Not too spicy!" and he works his magic. 

It was DELICIOUS. Of course.

An huge snowstorm is predicted. Temperatures are already barely above 0, with the windchill around -15. Visibility is nearly non-existent, and we're meant to get about a foot of snow in the next day. The kids are hoping, hoping hoping for a snow day. They have pajamas on backwards and spoons under their pillows; apparently these are the newer, better version of crossing your fingers. 

Meanwhile, Beth has decided to sleep on our couch so that she can get to work tomorrow. It's easier to get out of our street than her driveway, AND she can ride with Juanito. Double-plus good. 

She's trying to read. Emma is squeaking her toy and running back and forth in an effort to get SOMEONE to pay attention. 

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