Sunday, January 11, 2015


The plan was that Beth would come to us at 10:20, and then we drive to pick up Stephanie and all ride to church together. And so, when it was 10:10 and Houston was calmly eating breakfast and STILL had to take a shower, i was all, "Houston! Beth will be here in 5 or 10 minutes!" And he was all, "Okay." And then continued eating at a leisurely pace. And somehow managed to get out of the shower and dressed by the time Beth showed up. He had wet hair, but he made it. (I was totally the same way when i was his age. I went to school and church many, many times with wet hair, having gotten out of bed at the last possible second. So i can't be too irritated with him.)

After church, Beth and i drove up to visit Keren, who is closer to town at her parents' house for the weekend. We talked about our up-coming trip to Florida and looked at maps of Harry Potter World and got all excited about all of the Harry Potter-y things that we'll get to do. I like my friends.

And then Beth came over again tonight to make our costumes for Keren's birthday party (Star Wars themed, with costumes strongly encouraged) and to watch Downton Abbey. The costumes (we're going to be Ewoks) are hilarious and ridiculous and will hopefully be cute enough. 

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