Saturday, January 24, 2015

Keren's 40th birthday!

Keren's birthday is actually at the end of December, but what with Christmas and New Year's, she decided to go ahead and wait until mid-January to have her 40th birthday party. Star Wars themed, of course.

Beth and i were Ewoks. Zane was Luke Skywalker. Juanito was Darth Vader - the bobblehead version. Stephanie was Yoda. Keren was Princess Leia, of course. There were lots of other people, but we were the cutest. :)

I love that my friends are fun. Beth's 40th birthday party was Harry Potter themed, with costumes encouraged. This was Keren's, with costumes encouraged. Most people did wear costumes, and everyone seemed to think it was really fun. "We" played Star Wars trivial pursuit. (Which basically means that we divided into teams, and then Keren and Alex played while we cheered for our person. Seriously, i think i knew the answer to maybe two of the questions.)

Afterwards, i asked Zane if he had fun. He said, "Yes! It was really unhealthy!" There were plenty of sweet things to eat, and Zane took full advantage.

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