Saturday, January 10, 2015

Zane's room

One of the coupons i gave the kids for Christmas - the one that all three kids immediately exclaimed, "YES!" about, was "Mom will clean your room." Today Zane cashed that coupon in. I kind of feel like he sort of trashed his room a bit for the past few days in anticipation. Because let me tell you: It was a MESS. I thought, "Okay, it'll take me a couple of hours," except instead i was up there cleaning his room for HOURS. Maybe...six hours? I don't even know.

Part of the problem is, Zane really does have the smallest amount of bedroom space. He's got approximately half of the bedroom that he shares with Houston, BUT his half has the door and the wardrobe in it. He's got a little tiny bookshelf, and that's basically his storage. We tried putting stuff in bins under his bed, but he either put the bins back but then never managed to get stuff back into the bins or he just never returned the bins under his bed. So i sent Juanito to build a quick and not necessarily pretty shelf on which to put some smaller bins with specific stuff in them. We'll see how it works.

(For the record, here is a picture of it after i'd been working for about 2 hours:
and here's when i was finished: 

So i guess that's pretty satisfying.

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