Monday, January 12, 2015

Time to start "The Half-Blood Prince"!

When my kids turn 7, i read Harry Potter book 1 with them. We then read book 2 when they turn 8, book 3 at 9, book 4 at 10, and book 5 at 10 and a half. And so, when they turn 11, we read book 6 and then go straight into book 7 to finish off the series.

Katrina's birthday is a month away, BUT two weeks after her birthday, i'm going to be heading to Florida for nearly a week, and honestly, we're both pretty excited to get to the last couple of books, so tonight! We started book 6!

It's always a little bit hard to read the Harry Potter books with the older two kids, because anyone younger than them has to be completely not nearby so as to not get spoilers. Sometimes we hide in my room and close the door and read quietly, but it is just way too cold to do that right now. (Our upstairs is only marginally heated - there's a vent in the hall, but it doesn't help much, so most of the heat has to make it up the stairs - and if bedroom doors are closed, it is FREEZING in there. Juanito and i always have our door closed, so it's probably in the 40's in our bedroom. We all have lots of blankets, which works for sleeping (Once you get warm, you can stay warm. It kind of takes forever to actually get to the non-shivering point. I usually try to steal all the warmth from Juanito's back and in return, i squeal and jump away if he puts anything remotely cold near me. I'm a giver.), but doesn't really work for reading.

So tonight, we waited until i tucked Zane into bed, and then we all curled up under blankets as close to the heater as we could get. Mmmm. Heater.....

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  1. I do not know how you stand sleeping in such cold! On second thought, I guess you don't stand :)