Saturday, January 31, 2015

At least Katrina's classroom is never boring

I cover lunch in Katrina's classroom every other week (the opposite weeks being in Zane's classroom), and it's always, always completely chaotic and loud with this particular class. "This class" being Katrina's grade, whatever grade that is. The kids that are the same age as her? They are...a loud mix. The kids individually are great, but as a group, they're just hard to handle. 

So the kids were getting their lunches, either lined up for school lunch or gathering stuff from backpacks or whatever, and i was trying to keep kids from throwing food at each other, when suddenly one of the girls yelled, "OH MY GOSH!" I spun around in time to see copious amounts of black smoke billowing out of the microwave. She yanked the microwave open, at which point smoke poured out even faster, along with a toxic smell. David, the kid whose "food" was in the microwave, came running over crying, "No, it's supposed to do that!" We all looked at him, and i said definitively, "It is NOT supposed to do that." He looked at the burning mess and the melted styrofoam bowl that was supposed to be macaroni and cheese, slapped his head, and said, "OH! I forgot to add the water!" 

I sent everyone to the hall until the smoke was less thick and opened all the windows. The kids ate lunch in their winter coats. After school, Zane (whose classroom is the farthest one from Katrina's in the same hall) told me all about how it smelled so bad that they all had to eat while plugging their noses. 

Today is the last Friday before Groundhog's day, and Juanito and i have been eagerly waiting for our kids to be old enough to appreciate that movie. We decided that this was the year, and so! Tonight Beth came over and we made our pizzas and watched Groundhog Day! The kids laughed in all the right places and covered their eyes when there was kissing and declared it an awesome movie. Yay!

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