Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow day!

The phone rang bright and early this morning, with tidings of "School has been cancelled for today. Thank you!" It was really more of an ice day, since we didn't actually get any snow (a fact noticed and commented on by each of the kids in turn - "But...there's no snow...?"). Katrina walked into my room at exactly 7:00, as my alarm was going off, because she'd had a bad dream. She crawled into bed with me and went back to sleep until Zane woke up at 8:30 and came to get me to go downstairs with him. Sleeping in is lovely.

Houston woke up at about 10:00, came downstairs, and announced, "I feel so much better today!" He looked much better too! And sounded better, and generally acted more like himself again. Hallelujah!

Zane and i took Emma for a walk, which was incredibly treacherous, given the combination of the icy streets/sidewalks and Emma's propensity to drag me one direction and the other in an ecstasy of sniffing. At least it wasn't horribly cold, though! Zane really wanted to try making ice bubbles, but it wasn't cold enough to actually freeze the bubbles fast enough. I...can't say that i'm terribly sad about it not being that cold, honestly. 

Emma has been SO HYPER lately, so this afternoon the kids and i all went to the dog park - partly to get Emma some sunshine and exercise and fun, and partly to get the kids some sunshine and exercise and fun. (Emma was a lot more eager to go. Houston and Katrina would rather have stayed home in their pajamas all day long.) We got to the dog park, though, and ... the gates were chained closed. There was another lady standing in front of the gates with her dog, looking forlorn. Eventually we found a little line on one of the signs that said that the dog park is closed when the public schools are closed. Dang it. Luckily, there's a huge field just across the parking lot, next to a mostly fenced-in baseball field (with lots of signs declaring "NO DOGS!"). We headed to the field to let Emma run around. She immediately ran into the baseball field. I called her back. She came, said hello, and ran straight back to the baseball field. 

On the way home, Zane was all, " basically broke the rules. Because there were signs saying that dogs weren't allowed in there...." Yes, we did. I'm only a little bit sorry.

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