Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wine and Canvas

Tonight Keren and i went to Wine and Canvas. (You pay to go, and they provide all of the stuff you need to paint a picture, including the idea and the how-to-paint-it instructions. It was actually interesting to look around at all the different people's paintings when we were finished, because there were a lot of different styles of the exact same picture.) It was the first time going for both of us, and i was pretty convinced that my picture would be horrible (i can't paint!), but it was actually really fun, and my painting turned out way better than i expected. Plus, i like Keren, so it was fun to get to hang out with her. Yay!

So, the question everyone's been asking me today: "Is anyone else sick?!" Nope. Nobody so far. Houston is still sick, poor little puppy. After he threw up AGAIN this morning, i called our pediatrician and asked if i should be concerned. The nurse asked a few questions and said, "Yep. It sounds like the intestinal virus that's been going around." Treatment: Barely keep anything in your stomach and just wait it out, from the sound of it.

As i was saying goodnight to him tonight, Houston said, "I threw up again tonight." (Pause.) "Can i still go to school tomorrow, though? I REALLY want to go. Please???" I'd almost think that this was all a clever ruse to stay home (No, really! I WANT to go. So sad that i keep throwing up....) except for the fact that Houston has eaten approximately nothing in the past three days. I can't see him doing that if he wasn't really sick.

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