Sunday, January 4, 2015

I need to go find a blanket now.

We spent the day with my family at my parents' house. As always, it was loud with children playing and people laughing and multiple conversations being held simultaneously. This time, my sisters, my mom, and i made it even louder by playing "Pit," the game where you have to holler for other people to give you their cards. The kids all came upstairs to make fun of us at one point. Apparently they're not used to us being the loud ones. 

It was the first real snow since the huge snow in November, and i guess it was pretty. Truly, it's snow, and snow means cold and i REALLY HATE THE COLD. If i could, i would spend all of the months from November to March curled up under an electric blanket on the couch, reading books and staying warm. Since that's not an option, instead i just complain about the weather every chance i get, annoying everyone around me with my constant wails of, "It's so cold! SO COLD!"

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