Saturday, January 17, 2015

Katrina is awesome, and so is George Clooney. Not in the same way, though.

Katrina was the moral focus student of the month. The thing is...she gets the SOTM award every single year (and she already got the art SOTM this year), so ... she kind of just expects it now. The teacher always sends an email saying, "Katrina is going to be student of the month! Don't tell her! We want her to be surprised!" As soon as she sees me at the assembly, though? She knows. Usually she gets suspicious before we even leave the house - if i'm getting dressed to take them to school on an assembly day? Her radar goes up. I tried to be sneaky today and say, "Oh. I think that Zane is doing something in assembly...." After school today, i asked her, "So when did you know?" and she said, "Yeah. As soon as Zane's class wasn't up there when we walked in."

Nevertheless. I'm very proud of her. She truely does do her best all the time, and she's such a well-behaved, attentive, hard-working student. AND she's really kind and helpful. If i were a teacher, i'd totally give her the award too. She's awesome.

That being said, it was the LONGEST ASSEMBLY EVER today. After school, Katrina commented on it being long, and Zane said, "I think it was, like, three hours long." It wasn't, quite. But last Friday was a snow day, so they combined all the grades from pre-K to 5th grade into one assembly today, rather than splitting it into two separate assemblies. So there were two classes that had 20 minute presentations, plus SOTM awards for all 7 grades (and then prizes), plus math champion awards (and then prizes), plus BeNice awards (which take 3-5 minutes each) for all 7 grades. Those bleachers are mighty cramped and uncomfortable after an hour and a half. I was kind of impressed at the lack of adults sneaking out the door.

Before school, after we parked the car and were walking to the school, we had to walk right past all the 7th graders. I murmured to Juanito (who had called in "I might be sick?"), "Should we embarrass Houston by being all lovey?" and Juanito was all, "No!" So as we walked past, i just said hello, and he immediately launched into, "Oh, HI! Do you know Melonie?! And this is Chauncey!" I, of course, totally know these kids, and yet they leapt forward to shake my hand and be all, "Oh, nice to meet you!" as i was all, "Chauncey is it? And Anthony? Yes...i seem to remember knowing you since...kindergarten?" And then, as we were leaving, Houston totally gave me a hug. So basically, Houston was completely more goofy and lovey than i'd have been to him. And his friends were totally on board. I really like him. And his friends.

Beth came over for pizza/movie night tonight, and we introduced the kids to "O Brother, Where Art Thou." (When we both worked at Crossroads, Beth and i would go and see movies quite regularly. There was a run of a few months when we saw a whole bunch of terrible or really weird movies, and then a couple of awesome but weird movies. This was right in the middle of that run. It started, and we looked at each other and whispered, "What? The? Heck? are we watching? And then LOVED IT and made all of our friends watch it. And then we all watched it again and again and quoted lines from that movie for YEARS. Because it's awesome.)

(Starting a new paragraph, because that parenthetical kind of got away from me.) So. Beth and Juanito and i giggled and laughed and giggled some more. The kids were confused (and we kept reassuring them's okay. We were all confused the first time. And the second time.) but loved it. Houston had a big smile on his face most of the movie. Beth and i kept saying, "I miss Travis!" especially during parts with lines that he totally used to quote. It ended, and Zane said, "We need to watch that movie again!" Yay! 

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