Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Camp!

Houston and Katrina left for Winter Camp today. They're with Fifty6 and The Element - the church's youth groups for their ages - at Timberwolf Lake, a YoungLife camp about two hours north of us. They'll be there for two nights. 

Katrina was really, really nervous. Ever since the first time winter camp was mentioned, she expressed concern about being away for two nights in an unknown place with mostly people she doesn't really know. Last night, she couldn't fall asleep, because she was nervous, and today she told me at least 10 times that she was scared. I'm really glad that her friends are with her and that they don't seem the least bit nervous, because i'm pretty sure that as soon as the bus drove away, she probably forgot to be nervous. I'm hoping.

I really, really hope both kids have SUCH a fun time. Houston hated Fifty6 back when he was in fifth grade, because he just didn't connect at all with his leaders or any of the kids in his group. We let him drop out of it until this year, when we forced him to go back, and he seems to like it a lot more now. I think that as seventh graders, the other kids must have more in common with him than they did two years ago. Also, maybe his leaders aren't as interested in sports? Or maybe it's just that Katrina, Ella, and Lorelei are all there to entertain him. Whatever it is, i'm happy that he's happy to be involved.

This morning, Zane called from school with the plea, "Can you come get me? I just threw up in my mouth twice." I went and got him. He was completely not sick. (Houston used to do this exact same thing in 3rd grade. In fact, i reminded him of it when they got home and he was all, "Oh yeah!" "And you were never actually sick, right?" i asked. "Nope.") So he was home all day, bored and wanting to chat or play or watch a movie or anything, but i was mean and forced him to stay in bed and be bored. "You're sick, remember?! REST." 

And tonight, my sister Jill invited all of the girls in the family to her house for a girls' night. We watched "Frozen" and then sat around and talked and looked at Jill's picture books and generally had a fun time with each other. It's wonderful to really enjoy my family. I love them!

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