Monday, January 5, 2015


Juanito has been teaching zumba for, i don't know...years now. He LOVES it. I go because it's good exercise, and it's better than running. (I have yet to find any kind of exercise that i actually enjoy. People are all, "But zumba's fun! It's like dancing!" It's exercise. But at least i don't hate it. Most of the time.) I used to go, a long time ago, and then i stopped, and then i started again in...June? July? So then Beth started going too, because she's a good friend and makes me go, even when i'm all, "Eh...i could skip today...." And so, here we are. Sweaty and fresh from zumba-ing.

In other, doggie-er news.... Emma hates it when we leave her alone. If it's nighttime and we put her in her crate while we go to bed? Fine! No problem! If it's any other time and we put her in her crate while we run to the store or whatever? TRAGEDY!!! She completely tore up the little dog bed we got for her, so we got her a much thicker, sturdier blanket, which Juanito was all, "She shouldn't be able to chew this up!" And she's completely shredding that. PLUS, when i was gone to the store for half an hour today, she completely gave her poor little nose some serious rug burn from freaking out so much. I'm hoping that this is a temporary, puppy-related thing, and not some personality disorder thing.

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  1. Giving it another try :) Good for you for going to Zumba!