Sunday, February 1, 2015


Zane got this K'nex track for Christmas from his Uncle JJ, and today we finally put it together. It was totally a family effort. Zane and i built most of the frame together, and the Houston joined in to help finish the frame. And then we started building the track, except that by the time it was halfway put together, everything had been popping off and coming apart and making me completely insane, so i came downstairs and told Juanito that he needed to take over or i was going to break it into tiny bits with a giant hammer. He went upstairs and flung it together by batting his eyes and smiling at it (i'm pretty sure). And then the entire family gathered around to watch the little car go up and down and up and down the track. Yay!

Zane's thrilled. He kind of had the attitude, "I can't do it, because i don't know how, so it'll just sit there for the rest of my life." I don't think he honestly believed that it would ever get built, and i had to drag him into doing it. Yay for success!

Speaking of which, last night, Katrina entirely made my day. We were nearly finished with her room - i was banging nails into the wall to hang a couple of pictures she'd gotten for Christmas - and she said, "You're a really good girl. I want to be a girl like you. You can organize and build things and sew and giggle and be awesome." Awwww! She's so sweet.

Also yesterday (i was apparently too tired yesterday to actually remember things?), i was upstairs all day, and Juanito was in the garage all day building a coffee table, which left Emma alone with the kids. And apparently the kids are kind of terrible at remembering that she is a DOG who likes to EAT ALL THE THINGS. So in the course of the day, she ate most of a pizza that was left on the counter, and also an entire loaf-worth of bread dough. The gastro-intestinal effects of this (that i've noticed) so far have been diarrhea (though thankfully she's keeping that outside) and the smelliest, grossest bread-dough-smelling burps i have ever encountered in my entire life. Seriously. All night last night and all day today, she keeps sitting next to me, putting her face in mine, and burping these foul burps. It is so disgusting. 

And i just this minute got a phone call that school is cancelled for tomorrow. Snow day ahead!

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