Sunday, February 8, 2015

It was a very Houston-y day for me

Houston and i went on a date this morning using the January-February date coupon for breakfast and a trip to the pet store. He chose to get a bagel and then head to the giant pet store across town.

One thing we realized there: everything's expensive at special pet stores! I mean, if you need a specific thing, then that's the place to go, but otherwise, i'm sticking to the grocery store. However, we did get a cute, pink engraved dog tag for Emma with her name and our address and phone number. Houston rolls his eyes at my fondness for getting Emma girly stuff, but...i like girly stuff! And she's a girl!

And then i cleaned his room. It was the third and last of the bedrooms to clean, and i am SO HAPPY that it's finished. Honestly, his was probably the easiest to clean, mostly because his stuff tends to be already in categories. Lego, bottle caps, art stuff.... It was all in a heap on the floor, but it can be quickly sorted into the proper place. I threw all of his random toys into one bin, and when everything else was finished i had him decide what he needed to keep and what he could get rid of, and he got rid of a TON of stuff. Between the toys he's giving away (honestly, all stuff that he just never uses, so YAY!) and two medium/big bags of garbage and all of the stuff that belonged in other places in the house? His room is practically empty. It's awesome.

Katrina was playing with her calculator today, making words using the numbers the same way we did when i was her age. She did "eggshell," and "hello," and "igloo," and then asked me if i knew any. And i told her the only one i could remember: "boobs." She giggled and made me show her how and then giggled some more. Houston walked in, and she quick cleared it, waited for him to leave, and then wrote it and giggled again. I would never have even told that one to Houston - he'd be horrified, but Katrina? She's all about it. Juanito was all, "I never did boobs on the calculator! I'd never have even considered it!" Beth and i were all, "What? It's hilarious when you're that age!" So i guess we know which child takes after each of us.

I have noticed that, with Katrina, big events tend to do her in, emotionally. She was SO excited about the dance last night, and she loved it. And her birthday is coming up, complete with a sleepover with her friend she rarely sees, and she's really excited about that. But today, she was TIRED and achy and weepy. A few times she cuddled up to me and quietly said, "I'm so sad!" Not about anything at all. Just sad. Partly, i think she gets overwhelmed. And partly...she's that age. I remember being terribly sad at exactly her age, for no really good reason at all. And also, she's just got a personality that already tends toward melancholy. Poor little girl. 

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