Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

I stopped at the dog park with Emma after dropping the kids at school, and there was no one else there. There hadn't been anyone there either, if the complete lack of footprints in the snow were to be believed. I know i've mentioned this one or two or a million times, but it is so very cold here. It's been hovering between 0-10 degrees, and then with the wind chill, it's even colder. I tried to convince Emma that she wanted to run around while i sat in the car, but she just whined at the gate and looked pathetic unless i was in the fenced-in area with her. So i stood there for 20-30 minutes while she ran around and sniffed everything. And then even she was bored, so we gave up on anyone else ever coming and just went home.

It's Ash Wednesday today, so i went to the service at church and got the ash cross put on my forehead. And then i totally forgot that it was there until i got a couple of weird looks at the grocery store. As i was checking out, one of the checkers asked, me, "So...what IS Ash Wednesday? I've always heard about it, but i don't know what it's for." And then she told me that i'm a good "explanator." Yay!

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