Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Special Snowflakes

A while back, i let each of the kids make a CD with whatever songs they chose. Zane's kind of cracks me up, because it's such a random assortment. For example, it goes from The Dixie Chicks to Lady Gaga to the theme song from "The Love Boat." I guess he's got a well-rounded mix.

We were hardly home at all today. The kids got home from school and we almost immediately headed back out to go to parent-teacher conferences. All of our kids are wonderful, precious, special snowflakes who are doing wonderfully, of course.

Joking aside, all three kids' teachers mentioned how very nice our kids are. They all behave beautifully and well within the range of normal for their ages, and after years of struggling with trying to figure out how to make a certain oldest child behave properly in school, it's wonderful to get such glowing reports.

Our tradition is that after conferences, we go to Wendy's for dinner, and from there we went straight on to Zumba, which lasts until bedtime. 

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