Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lunch and book club and laundry!

I met Beth for lunch during her lunch hour today. It's always so great to get to sit and talk when there's just the two of us and we don't have kids and a dog and life in general competing for attention. It's good to have an hour of time to just let the conversation flow without interruptions, to talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Today, we mostly wanted to talk about our upcoming trip to Florida. And the cold.

And then tonight we had book club. Our book this month was Jane Eyre, which most of us disliked, so a lot of the time was spent complaining about how unlikable Mr. Rochester was and how many words Bronte used to describe everything and.... The weird thing is, this is my third time reading it, except that i don't even remember reading it the first time, and i apparently quite liked it the second time i read it, because i gave it three stars. I remember it in hindsight as being a better book than it is as i'm reading it, so maybe that played into it? Either way, i need to remember now that i HAVE read it - three times - and i do not want to read it again!

Poor Emma is getting SO restless with this cold weather. Today started out at -3, and it barely got warmer, so it's just plain too cold to go outside for long. So when i folded the laundry today, she drove me crazy by running back and forth through the room, knocking piles over left and right. I think i might need to start folding laundry on my table, even though it's not as ideal. Anything's better than having to re-fold everything i just folded!

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