Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cold. So, so cold.

Zane just cracks me up sometimes. He wore this mustache around the house for an hour or so, and only took it off so that he could eat lunch. And if you're going to wear a mustache, then naturally you need to also make a silly face to go with it for the picture.

When i first looked at the temperature this morning, it was -9, although i know that it was supposed to be around -20 last night, so i'm assuming that it was already "warming up" by then. The windchill was -22, though, even at 9:00 this morning. Our school called an "inclement weather" day, presumably to avoid multiple cases of frostbite.

I happen to agree that staying inside is the only reasonable choice right now. Usually i try to send my kids outside to play for at least a short time when they have a day off, but i just can't even think about doing that with these kinds of temperatures. So we stayed inside. The boys played Pokemon and Lego. Katrina and i read a couple of chapters of Harry Potter. We read and listened to music and generally tried to stay warm.

And then tonight, Katrina went to a friend's house for a sleepover. Beth came over for pizza/movie night, for which we watched "The Hudsucker Proxy." It's been a long time since i've watched that, and it totally made me laugh numerous times. I'm not sure the boys enjoyed it as much as we adults did, though. Ah well. We watch plenty of kids movies for them.

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