Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's a wrap!

As i was doing Katrina's hair wrap, i said, "Aw! I want a hair wrap too!" and Juanito was all, "I could do that for you!" So yesterday he sat and wrapped my hair all cute and i was happy, and Beth was all, "I want one too! Can you do mine?!" I was going to, except Juanito is clearly much better at it than i am - he does all cute things and takes the time to make it really, really tight and whatnot - so tonight we watched 2 episodes of Downton Abbey while Juanito wrapped up Beth's hair. (She used a much thinner floss than i did, so hers took longer. It'll probably stay in much better, though.)

And they're cute! Yay! (Of course, we look like we're in a clique, but ... whatever.)

Watching Downton Abbey was perfect for tonight, because i was SO GROUCHY by the time Beth got here. I was partly grouchy because there wasn't anything particularly important that made me grouchy, so i shouldn't have been nearly as cranky as i was. It was just a series of little annoyances:

I was going to make spaghetti for dinner, except when i grabbed the boxes out of the cupboard, i realized that they were both half empty, which meant that there wasn't really enough for everyone. I dumped those into the pot anyhow, and then rooted around in case there was a box hiding...and there was! Success! I opened it and dumped it into the pot...and then realized that it was all gross with little dead moths and stuff, so i had to throw away ALL of the spaghetti. Grrr.

So then i started making waffles. I added the first few ingredients, and then grabbed the baking powder...which had about 1/2 teaspoon's worth left in it. Not nearly enough. So no waffles for us tonight. (Luckily i was still on dry ingredients, so we can use it tomorrow.) At that point i gave up in frustration and declared that everyone was going to have to fend for themselves. Cereal and sandwiches and ramen noodles it was!

Emma somehow escaped from our backyard - twice - and ran over to the next-door neighbor's yard, where they have a giant bowl of dog food frozen in a solid block, left over from before their dog died in November. As far as Emma was concerned, it was like a delicious dog-food popsicle.

The kids and i were all sitting in the family room while i was reading the final book of the Willow Falls series to them, and Emma walked to the center of the room and threw up a prodigious amount. Zane immediately ran out of the room. Houston started gagging and gagging until i ordered him out of the room. Katrina sat there and stared in fascination.

That was the end. It was close enough to bedtime that i gave up for the night and sent them all off to bed. Goodnight. Let me sit and fume quietly. I am finished.

On the bright side, i know what we're having for dinner tomorrow!  

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