Friday, February 6, 2015

The Daddy-Daughter dance

Tonight was the Daddy-daughter dance at our school - the first our school has ever had. For some reason, they called it the "Sweetheart Dance," kind of weird? Katrina was SO EXCITED about it, and had her dress laid out already days ago. Her report of the dance was this: 
They danced and danced, and even did some zumba to "Shake it Off" and "Gangnam Style," and other people were totally copying them for Gangnam Style. She really, really likes the girls in her grade, and she had SO MUCH fun. And there were lots of dads there who just sat on the bleachers! Like, for a long time! ON THEIR PHONES! (She was completely flabbergasted about this.) And there were cupcakes.
The cupcakes alone made it an awesome dance, i think. 

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