Thursday, February 5, 2015


Beth and i took our cameras and went out to take pictures around town today. I never take as many pictures in winter, because it's just so cold and miserable, and i'd rather just curl up under a blanket, but it makes me happy to go out and use my camera, and doing it with a friend is just that much better!

Zane really, really wanted to join Scouts, so (even though he'd rather have a night off) Juanito and he go to Cub Scouts every Thursday night. Zane loves it. Truly, the poor little third child has missed out on joining everything - gymnastics, t-ball, karate - by the time he was old enough, we'd kind of...found other things to do instead. We really wanted to give him this. (But really, EVERY Thursday night? Seems like a bit much.)

I was reading Harry Potter with Katrina tonight (with Houston listening in), and suddenly Emma leapt from the doorway, flew three feet, over the arm of the couch, to land on the book on my lap. I exclaimed, "Emma! You turd! What are you doing?!" Houston immediately dissolved in laughter, giggling, "Mom said 'turd'!" Two minutes later, when Juanito and Zane got home from Scouts (sledding tonight!), he was still laughing, "MOM SAID TURD!" 


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