Friday, February 27, 2015

On the eve of leaving my family for 6 days

The kids had no school today, and Juanito took off from work, so we had the whole day to play (and pack and clean) before i leave tomorrow. I really, really love my family.

Except that ... when Keren and Beth came over for pizza-movie night tonight, Keren asked them all what they were going to do while i was gone, and Zane's answer was, "Blow up the house."

"WHAT?!" i said. "But...i have lots of pictures and stuff that i'd be sad to lose!"

And Zane was all, "Oh. Well, first we'd take everything OUT of the house and then we'd blow it up."

"But!" i said, "It's cold outside! Where would you sleep?"

"Well, first we'd move and take all of our stuff to our new house and then blow up this house. That way you could never find us."

Me: "WHAT?!?!"

Zane: "It was Daddy's idea."

So maybe they're not going to miss me TOO much.

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