Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday with friends

Beth, Keren, and Stephanie came over after church today for dinner, small group, and birthday cake. We had chicken tikka, naan, and lentil stew for dinner - a massive undertaking that used most of us to make all the food. And in the end, it was delicious and we had lots of left-overs. Yay!

Juanito made his own cake, a giant cake made from 2 boxes of cake mix (chocolate and caramel), the filling from eclair dessert, and homemade chocolate frosting. He cut the cakes up to make a checkered pattern inside the cake. It was pretty impressive. And delicious.

The kids just love having our friends over. They like to show off their stuff - Katrina showed her new hermit crab to everyone, Houston showed his movies, and Zane showed off his favorite toys. I think that my kids are way, way more comfortable with adults than i ever was. (I'm STILL not entirely comfortable with "adults" sometimes. Anyone older or in a position of authority makes me nervous!)

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