Sunday, February 15, 2015


Today was the kind of cold that makes your lungs freeze as soon as you walk outside. It's the kind of cold that i never wish for, because i hate cold, but it's only when it gets this cold that the snow squeaks as you walk on it. That squeaking snow sound is one of the few things i kind of love about winter. I don't enjoy it enough to spend one second longer outside than i need to when the temperature is hovering around zero, though.

Every year, right around Katrina's birthday, i put a wrap in her hair. Today we turned on "Soul Surfer" and sat, me on the couch, her in front of me, and i wound three strands of floss around a bit of her hair. She chose blue, purple, and a pinkish-orange color this year. Wrapping her hair always takes longer than i expect it to, mostly because her hair is just so long. It looks adorable when it's finished, though, and it should last about a month. Totally worth it.

Most of the day, we rested. Houston worked on the song that he's making. We read. Juanito slept. I dug through my trunk to find some warm-weather clothes to take to Florida in a couple of weeks. The boys played Pokemon. Just what a Sunday should be.

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