Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Dentist.

Zane and i had dentist appointments today. That look on Zane's face? That's how i feel when i'm getting my teeth cleaned too.

Both Zane and i have crazy strong gag reflexes, so we both have a really hard time with X-rays, and both of us hate having the hygienist's hands in our mouths for ages. I'm not sure about him, but to me, it just feels similar to claustrophobia - i can't breathe or think properly, and every single time i can, i have to quickly close my mouth and swallow and breathe quickly before she goes back in. I'm sure i'm a joy to work on.

Neither of us has any cavities, which is great. But apparently i clench my teeth something awful, because both the hygienist and the dentist told me that i've worn a giant crater into one of my fillings - the biggest crater they've ever seen. Plus i've started to crack another filling. On the bright side, it's just fillings that i'm destroying and not the actual teeth yet. On the downside, i'm completely wrecking my dental work. So that sucks.

I have a bite plate that i'm supposed to wear at night, but it's really tight and uncomfortable right now. I'm bringing it in tomorrow to get it readjusted, so then i should be able to wear it at night. If i can keep myself from gagging for long enough to fall asleep.

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