Monday, May 18, 2015

A Doctor's appointment and A Band concert

All three kids had doctor's appointments today - just checkups, because it's been a couple of years. And all three of them have better-than-perfect eyesight (20/16 for everyone!), and their hearing is perfect, and their blood pressure is perfect, and they're just all-around fantastically healthy and awesome.

Dr. H and i talked a bit about Zane and ADHD, and we both agreed that, yes, he's definitely relatively ADHD. It's close enough to the end of the school year at this point that we're going to wait until fall to decide if we need to do something about it, but in the meantime, i feel like having that in my mind - that his pediatrician agrees that this behavior is ADHDish - gives me maybe a little bit more patience with certain behaviors of his.

Poor Katrina had to get three shots, and she was just a puddle of sadness. She wept while getting shot, she laid on the table and wept after getting shot, she rode home in the car with giant tears in her eyes, and she continued to tear up occasionally all night long because her arms continued to hurt. She's not a big fan of pain. She's a delicate flower, after all.

Within 5 minutes of being home, Katrina lost a tooth, which immediately made her burst into tears again. I think that at that point, she was just overwhelmed enough with sadness that she couldn't bear even one more thing. Even though losing a tooth is happy, it was just too much.

And then tonight, Houston and Katrina had a band concert. It's the only concert of the year for Katrina, and she was really excited about it. (Before her shots, she made sure to ask the nurse and the doctor separately if she's still be able to play the flute.) Both kids did awesome.

We got there early so that we could have good seats. We scouted out where to sit to have the best view, making sure that we'd be able to see both kids. And we had awesome seats! Until the stupid band director stuck a stand right in-between us and Katrina just before the concert started, and then had kids stand right there in our way for the entire concert. Grrr!

We could see Houston, though. Yay! He was hilarious, looking directly at us and making slightly silly faces when he had long enough rests during the songs, and then going back to playing his sax right on cue. It's awesome to see him really having fun and being comfortable on stage, because a few years ago, he would try to hide and would barely participate at all. 

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