Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shouldn't empathy have kicked in yet?

Zane had to come with me today to bring the kids to church for their youth church thingy, and he first begged me to try to find someone to babysit him, and then cried that he just didn't want to go, and then begged to take the tablet with him so he could play it. Finally, i said, "Geez, Zane. Fine. Take the tablet, but i was kind of looking forward to dropping the kids off and going somewhere with you and sitting and chatting. And i feel a little bit rejected right now."

I wouldn't let him play while the kids were in the car (NO! Be social!). So we dropped the kids off, ran to Meijer for a few minutes, and then, immediately upon leaving Meijer, he was all, "Can i play the tablet NOW?"

Me: "Sigh. Yes. But Zane, when you're out with one other person and you start looking at something electronic, be it a phone or a tablet or a computer or whatever, you're basically telling the other person that they're not interesting or important enough for you to want to pay attention to. And that hurts their feelings."

Zane: "..."

Me: "Zane?"

Zane: "..."

Me: "ZANE?"

Zane: "Huh?"

He missed my entire lecture, because he was too busy playing on the tablet. 

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