Friday, May 8, 2015

Falling in Rivers and Heading to Detroit

As i was leaving the school after covering lunch today, i ran into Houston standing by the office. He was soaking wet. Drenched from his neck down. 

Him: "Hi Mom! I fell in the river!"
Me: "You...fell in the river? What river?"
Him: "Behind the school. There was a ball in it, and i almost had it, but then the mud slipped and i fell in. So would you go get me some clean clothes?"
Me: .....
Him: (Endearing smile.)
Me: "Oooo! Hey! Your suitcase is in the car! Yay! Wear one of those outfits, and i'll pack you another outfit when i get home."
Secretary: "Your children. If it's not one thing, it's another!"
Me: "Sigh. I know! I still have the answering machine message saved from 4 years ago, when you called me to tell me that Houston had thrown up because he swallowed a whole carrot on a dare."
Secretary: "Bwahahahahaha! I don't remember that!"

We live to amuse. 

After school, Beth and i picked up the kids, and we headed to Detroit. Beth's birthday present to Juanito was to take the kids and me away for a weekend so that he could have some alone time. The kids are positively giddy about going to Detroit. 

As we got closer, they got more and more excited. Zane started asking questions like, "Are we in Canada yet?" (We're going to Canada tomorrow, so it's not a completely stupid question. And "Are we downtown? Because those are really tall buildings!" And "Is that the Great Wall of China?!" (No. That IS kind of a stupid question. That's in CHINA.)

We're staying with Beth's parents, who are truly lovely people. The kids have made themselves right at home, and Zane has fallen in love with a clown that i'm convinced is going to kill us all as we sleep.

Zane's sharing my bed tonight. He was all, "I'm going to sleep with him!"

Me: "Um. No. Freaking. Way."

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