Sunday, May 3, 2015


Katrina's small group at church had a family picnic today, so after church we went to "Hagrid Park" (Zane's convinced that that's its name). Ella and Lorelei, are in Katrina's group, so Linda and Andrew were also at the picnic...and only a few other people. Small groups are always, in my opinion, better than huge groups, so it was good.

Plus, it was a gorgeous day, so being outside was lovely.

(Sidetrack: This morning, i told the boys, "It's going to be really warm today! Like...maybe 80! So don't wear long sleeves!" I actually handed Zane a short-sleeved shirt.

Zane wore long sleeves. They both wore jeans. They were both dying of heat.

Houston: "Why didn't you tell me not to wear jeans?!"
Me: "I told you it was going to be warm! Plus, you're THIRTEEN!"
Houston: "SIGH.")

We went to my parents' house after the picnic for a couple of hours. Juanito made a gorgeous and delicious cake for me and my mom (though he thought it was just for me, so he put a giant "K" on it - whoops). The kids played with water balloons and got soaked, which was actually a great way for them to cool off. Juanito slept through most of the visit.

And then we came home. I read Katrina one chapter of Harry Potter, and then could not keep my eyes open for another second. I put my head down and fell asleep immediately and slept until Juanito and Emma got home from the dog park.

I think that everyone in our family is ready for another weekend. Or at least a few extra hours of sleep.

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