Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Katrina got to go to Michigan Adventure for a field trip today. It was her first time at a real amusement park, and her first time to ride actual roller coasters. She was completely nervous/excited this morning when i brought her to school.

They didn't have the best day for it - a bit rainy and chilly - but the thunderstorms that were predicted never showed up, so at least they got to go and the rides weren't all closed down for lightning. The water park opened for a little while in the afternoon when it warmed up a bit, so they even got to go on the water rides. Yay!

Katrina loved it. She went on everything she could, even the ones that went upside-down (which she was nervous about), and she thought it was all completely awesome. Except for the lunch. "They had hot dogs and chips and macaroni salad and ice cream." (Me: "Was it good?" Her: "Well, i liked the ice cream.")

The school did their second annual salmon release today. I'd planned to go, but Houston was still sick and he seemed sad about being left home alone, so i stayed home. Juanito and Zane had fun, though. 

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