Saturday, May 16, 2015

Girls on the Run

This morning was Katrina's Girls on the Run 5K. Beth, Juanito, the boys, and i all went to cheer her on. When we left her at the meeting spot, she was kind of sad-seeming. Nervous? Tired? I'm not sure. I don't think she knew for sure why she was sad. But by the time she ran past us, very soon after the start, she was all smiles and happiness. And as she ran past at the end, she was completely excited, fist in the air, running all-out.

The GOTR 5K is the best 5K. (Especially this year. Last year it was a little bit horrible, because they held it in the worst spot ever.) But this year the kids got to run to the finish line with people lining the street, cheering them on. They all get the number 1 for their bibs, and nobody seems to know or care what the finish times are - if you finish, then you're awesome. There are girls who run full-out the entire way and girls who barely make it to the finish line. And people cheer for them all. And they all look so proud of themselves at the end of it. YAY!

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