Saturday, May 23, 2015

Soul Pose

This morning Juanito, Beth, Keren, Stephanie, and i did yoga downtown for an event called "Soul Pose." It was early. So, so early. (Okay, not really that early, but i am not a morning person, and it is a Saturday. So.... Early.)

I think that it was a fun event? There was confetti and body paint to paint yourself like a warrior, and everyone sat in a circle in the middle of Calder Plaza. But i'm not actually good at yoga at all, and i kind of felt like a big, dumb idiot for a lot of it. Toward the end, my entire body was shaking while the instructor was all, "Okay, now hold that pose, but lift your left leg up behind you...." And i was all, "Are you kidding me?" I flopped down and took a couple of pictures as a cover for the fact that i'm a loser. On the bright side: I got a few pictures while we were doing yoga. Yay? But it was with people i like and who are fun, and it was a good workout. So i guess it's a win.

And then Beth and Keren and i went to see a movie that we were all excited to see staring Colin Firth, and it was ... not what i'd expected. It was partly funny and awesome, but incredibly violent and awful as well, and i can't say that i'd ever recommend it to anyone. Ever.

Wow. I sound incredibly grouchy, considering that i did things that i actually wanted to do today. My only excuse is that i'm tired. Apparently being tired makes me grouchy. Sorry.

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