Friday, May 22, 2015


The kids had a half-day of school today, and i realized that...there are only two more weeks of school remaining. What?! I think that that would feel a lot more realistic to me if it wasn't still quite chilly half of the time. The school year is definitely coming to a close, though. Yesterday was field day. Today was the talent show. The kids have been taking standardized tests like crazy. There are less and less days of actual classes.

There's also less homework, to which i say, "Hallelujah!"

We put away all of the winter coats today, and in the meantime we sorted through some of the spring coats (and older winter coats) to see what we should keep and get rid of. The kids have completely outgrown both raincoats. And Katrina finally has enough distance from her favorite pink winter coat to allow it to be given away, which is great, but also a little bit sad. Katrina gets really attached to her clothes and then gets all sad about outgrowing them...but then, i also get kind of attached to some of the kids' clothes and feel all sad about them outgrowing them. I save some things for them for their kids, but they're not going to want boxes and boxes of old clothes to inherit, so we can't keep everything. Sigh.

Tonight we broke from the pizza-movie night tradition and did pizza and games. I love playing games. Love. I'm happy that my kids seem to have the same appreciation for games that i do. Yay!

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