Sunday, May 31, 2015


After church this afternoon, we went to Subway and got sandwiches and then went to the park for a couple of hours. It was kind of chilly (Houston says that he was shivering as we were eating), but by the time we left, it was quite lovely. (Of course, i was wearing long sleeves and a sweater, so i was probably warmer than the boys wearing t-shirts.)

The kids' favorite thing to do at the park is to ask for a challenge. That means that one of us adults has to think of something for them to do. For example: "Get from this thing here to that thing there without touching the ground." Or "Do this specific obstacle course." I'm sure that i can be directly blamed for this (I love obstacle courses!), but now i'm kind of cursing myself, because it's like the big-kid version of "Would you push me on the swings?" Once or twice, yes. A million times? NO! Go play! We're at a PARK, for goodness sake!

This afternoon i went to Goodwill to see if i could find some cute clothes for summer (I did! Success!), and then i came home and finally switched my closet over from winter to summer. While i had everything in piles on my bed, sorting and trying things on to decide what i should keep and what i haven't worn in years, Katrina came and sat on the bed to talk and give me opinion. In the process, i found about 4 shirts that i'd been given by Juanito or other random people that are just way too small. Katrina loved them, tried them on, and was thrilled that they totally fit her. (Women's size large. Fits Katrina perfectly. WHAT?!)

And then, as i was reading to the kids before bed, Juanito walked into the room with his hand held up over his head, blood smeared all over it, with a giant rag wrapped around it, and casually announced, "I cut my finger. I thought you might want to know." And then he was surprised when all of us reacted. He'll be fine. He just told me, "No, it's not bleeding anymore. Except when i poke at it."


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