Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Growing up

Years ago, when the kids were little, they were too short to reach the kitchen sink. And so, in what we thought was a brilliant move, we showed them how they could get a drink of water from the bathroom sink. They are now all plenty tall enough to reach the kitchen sink, but i cannot convince them to get their glass of water from the kitchen. Zane, in particular, insists that it tastes different. He will go to the kitchen for a cup, and then stand outside of the bathroom door, waiting for someone to finish using the bathroom, rather than just, y'know, using the kitchen sink. I wish that past me could have had the foresight to see that coming.

Ditto on Katrina's thumb-sucking. I tried to give her a pacifier. She'd spit it out and stick her thumb in her mouth from the time she was a few days old. I figured, "Meh. No biggie." The pediatrician was all, "No biggie. She'll quit when she's old enough that it's socially unacceptable." Fast-forward eleven years, and she still sucks her thumb when she's tired or sad. Yesterday i told her that, really, she needs to stop. She's eleven. She said, "'s really comfortable." Me: "Yes, but we need to find something comforting that's more age-appropriate." She nodded, and the next time i looked over at her, her eyes were filled with tears and she looked like she'd just lost her best friend.

Growing up is hard.

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