Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pulling teeth

The end of the school year cannot come fast enough, because this boy right here? Is going to kill me dead.

He hates homework, which ... yeah, i hate homework too. But he hates it enough that he just doesn't do it. He either "forgets" his worksheets at school or just hides out in his room in the hopes that i'll forget to tell him to do it. Or he'll do one or two sheets and then hope that we don't look closely enough to notice that he has another sheet that he needs to do.

And when i corner him and force him to work on his homework, it's like pulling teeth. It's like pulling both his teeth AND my teeth. If i'm not sitting next to him, reminding him every minute, he gets completely distracted. I grabbed a book to read today while he was doing his homework, and i actually had to go put it away because he was getting completely distracted by the cover. Juanito was in the backyard listening to his music, and we were in the front room and could hear his music, and he was all, "I can't think! The music is distracting me!" Three sheets of homework: two hours.

And it's not just here at home. He's been completely giving up doing work AT school too. A few weeks ago, he turned in a math test that was only half finished. He understood it, but he just didn't feel like doing any more. What is that?! His teacher was all, "??????" And Juanito and i were likewise confused and flabbergasted. We've had many, many talks with him about needing to do his very best, and i've given him extra chores when his homework isn't completed, and we've tried rewards, and i think that we're all just kind of ... lost for any actual solution to this anymore. Zane doesn't want to do his best. Or even his middle-est. We can't make him.

And hence: The end of the school year cannot come fast enough. Maybe the summer will jump-start his motivation?

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