Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lots of random things.

Emma seems to think that it's her duty to keep me from actually folding the laundry. She sits in it, and then, when i start folding it in piles, she walks all over the piles and knocks everything over. I don't like doing laundry on the best days - it's not my favorite chore - so having to fold things multiple times is just...annoying. It's a good thing that she's so stinking cute. And cuddly. And sweet.

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We had book club tonight, with only four of us actually there. Beth, my mom, my sister, and me. Our book this month was a good enough book, especially compared to other books we've read for book club, but it wasn't one we could actually get a lot of discussion from. So we talked about it a little bit, and then veered off-topic and talked about everything else under the sun for a couple of hours. I like my people. I like that we can talk about books and religion and other books and random stuff for a long time.

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Katrina came home today, weepy because her arm with her tetanus shot still hurt. "I can't raise it any higher than this without it hurting!" And i inwardly rolled my eyes a little bit at her drama, but i also patted her back gently and sympathized, because tetanus shots DO hurt really bad.

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One of the things that our pediatrician said yesterday is that neither of the kids has started puberty yet. What that means for Houston is that he's probably going to be 6'2 or 6'3. (Houston was pretty happy about that.) (It also means that Houston still has absolutely no interest in girls as anything beyond friends. I'm sure that this is somewhat disappointing to the girls that he's good friends with.)

When we were at the concert last night, it was so obvious that Katrina is still just kind of a little girl, while some of her classmates are clearly more mature. She moves and thinks and sits and dresses and acts like a little girl yet, while some of the other girls in her class are wearing makeup and flirting with boys and wearing more grown-up dresses and acting like they're teenagers. And...i'm really okay with her holding off on that puberty thing.

And as long as i'm adding stuff that the pediatrician said: He was all, "Well, Katrina. You're tall. But i'm sure you already know that!" And she and i both said, "Um...kind of?" Because the majority of her friends are taller than she is. He predicts that she'll be around 5'6. The perfect height, in my opinion! Short, but not too short.

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