Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wax Theater

The fifth graders had their wax theater tonight, and it was wonderful. Most kids had memorized their speeches and could deliver them without hesitation, and they were all excited and dressed up and cute. Katrina was adorable and nervous and so, so great.

They hold the wax theater in the gym, which is big enough...but it also ends up being really, really loud in there. So there were kids we "listened" to, who we couldn't hear at all and we just had to watch their lips to see when they stopped talking.

Choosing who to "wake up" is like a game where you have to randomly choose, and you might get something great or you might draw something awful. There were kids whose speeches were terrific - one girl's speech on Ben Franklin made me come home and look him up, because there were things i didn't know about him. And then there were kids who were...not as great. One girl was painfully bad, and since she couldn't remember her speech well, it took forever. And you can't just walk away. You have to stand there and keep pretending to be interested. It's the worst. One girl talked in an adorable "British" accent and was completely charming. A boy was there without even an effort at a costume - just shorts and a t-shirt. One girl said, "I had seven brothers and sisters. Their names were..." and then proceeded to name all seven siblings. (I had a hard time not laughing.)

Katrina was Sybil Ludington - the female Paul Revere. I really liked her speech - it was all personable and interesting, rather than dry facts. She drew all of the little girls to her with her awesome horse head money box. And she was one of the only kids there who had drawn the picture of their character rather than using a printed picture. (Not that that's necessarily better, but i loved it.)

The best part, for Katrina, was that lots and lots of people came to support her. All of these people:

She felt very loved.

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