Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Katrina and i are nearing the end of the last book in the Harry Potter series. It's my favorite book in one of my favorite series, and i'm both really happy about reading it and really sad that it's almost over. Plus, it's such a great, amazing book, but also really sad, so there's a whole bittersweet feeling on so many levels. (And, once i'm finished reading it with Katrina, there's only Zane left to read it with, and then it's finished. And that's also pretty bittersweet.)

At the same time, Houston and i are nearing the end of Ender's Game, which is another of my favorite books. I really love reading the books i love with my kids, and getting to share that experience with them. I feel like, in the near future, they're going to just be finished with having me read out loud to them, and i want to read to them as many of my favorites as i can before that happens.

Beth enlisted my help for one of her projects for work tonight, so we got to sit and brainstorm for a couple of hours. At one point, sports came up peripherally, and Juanito said, "No, an ump is for baseball!" Beth said, "I'm so glad that we have a man around!" and without thinking i completely burst out laughing. Because...as far as "manly men" go, Juanito isn't exactly the poster boy. Especially when it comes to sports. (And almost immediately, i realized that i'm really mean and started to apologize, just as Juanito yelled, "Yeah! Bring me a beer!" So he wasn't too traumatized.)

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