Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breakfast with my mom; The dog park

My mom and i went out for breakfast this morning to celebrate our birthdays...although, since she paid, i feel like we were celebrating my birthday more than hers, so ... Thanks, Mom! We went to a place that just opened yesterday, and it was adorable. I would want the person who decorated it to come and decorate my entire house. The food was fine. Neither of us was overly impressed with what we got, but maybe we just chose things that aren't the best? But the conversation was superb. I love hanging out with my mom!

Emma was completely hyper and desperate for someone to play with this afternoon, so i took her to the dog park. She flitted from one dog to another - wrestled with this one under the picnic table, chased that one around the park, sniffed noses with every dog in the place. (As an aside, i was watching, and she didn't jump up on a single person. Progress!!!)

Meanwhile, i watched the people. Most of the people who bring their dogs to the dog park are pretty laid back and friendly. There's the odd person who comes in a suit, crosses their arms, and glares around, but most people either just sit and watch the dogs or chat with other people or some combination of the two. And then there's this one girl who's been there many, many of the times that i've been there. She has a giant dog named "Boo," and she's kind of ... loud. She'll talk to the dogs, but she's obviously actually wanting other people to hear her, even from across the park. I'm not sure if she's a really socially awkward extrovert or if there's another explanation, but man, she's loud.

And then i read and read and read. "Ender's Game" with Houston. "The Last Present" with all three kids. "Harry Potter" with Katrina. By the time i finished, Katrina was all, "Would you read more?!" and i just couldn't. We're so close to being finished with both Ender's Game and Harry Potter, and both of them are to the really sad, stressful parts. Sniff!

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