Monday, April 6, 2015

Also, we visited Keren, who is doing SO WELL.

Katrina slept over at her cousin's house last night, which meant that we were entirely Katrina-free for over 24 hours, and it made me realize just how very much i love having each of my children around. It wasn't boring around here - the boys and Emma made sure of that - but it was just...missing Katrina. Each of the kids brings something unique to our family, and it's just really obviously missing when they aren't here. (She's back now! We're happy! Although she went to sleep immediately upon climbing into bed, which was 5 minutes after getting home, so....)

One thing that i realized about Emma today is this: She can't handle it during the day when we have people in different rooms. At one point, Houston was upstairs, and Zane was by the kitchen table, and i was in the front room, and Emma was just obnoxious. I'd call her, and she'd come sit by me for a minute, and then Zane would make a noise and she'd leap up to investigate, and then the guinea pigs would make a noise and she'd go over and try to lick (or eat) them, and then she'd try to get into the kitchen, and then i'd call her and she'd come over and sit down for a moment until Zane made a noise.... Eventually i gave Zane permission to play on the computer just to get Emma to stop. And it totally worked. Sigh.

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