Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's go to the mall!*

Katrina used her "Go to the mall" coupon today. She'd actually asked days ago if she could use it on Wednesday, because she just really likes Wednesdays, but then she was sick, it was!

We just basically wandered around the mall, going into the few shops that she had any interest in, which isn't many, considering that she didn't really want to look at clothes. (Though the last store we went to was Kohl's, where she tried on an adult size small maxi skirt, which she loved because it was grey and also soft, and she decided to buy it with her allowance, even though it's really kind of too big for her.) But then i also got to introduce her to her first Dairy Queen blizzard. YUM! She spent a long time looking at all of the options, because that's a really big decision. But then she agreed that blizzards are delicious.

Later, Juanito asked her what we did at the mall, and she listed off every single store that we'd gone to. In order. So i guess that she enjoyed it!

This week's "free for children/cheap for adults" movie is Big Hero 6, and i remembered that while we were at the mall. I texted Juanito and Beth to tell them, and that set off a flurry of texts, and i finally told them that they had to work it out between them so that i could stop ignoring Katrina. (Texts are stressful!)

And so they worked it out and we all met up at the movie theater early in case it was really busy. It...wasn't. So we stood around while they cleaned the theater and then got our favorite seats. Yay! And, second time around, i still absolutely love that movie. I adore Baymax and want him to be my friend.

*Incidentally. In the show "How I Met Your Mother," one of the characters turns out to have been a pop star when she was younger, and her #1 song was "Let's go to the mall." It's a silly song. Episode ends, i move on. Except that then, months later, my kids start singing that very song. They'd obviously not seen the show, and it wasn't a real song, so i was all, "What!? In the world?!" Turns out, the Wii game "Just Dance" uses that song as one of their songs. So random and weird!

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